Here we can enrich our knowledge about the most popular of all the traditional dances of Cuba

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Brief dance course with a descriptive approach in which we will explore the essential characteristics of Traditional Cuban Casino. Although originally designed for Cubans, the material I present here is useful for both, instructors and self-taught students from anywhere in the world interested in exploring the authentic Cuban style. 

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SONG CREDITS  (all songs available on iTunes)

"Cuba Baila Casino" - Elito Revé y su Charangón

"Amame, quiéreme" - Berna Jam feat. Jenny Valdés

"Me niego a aceptar" - Wil Campa

"Consúmelo" - Timbalive

"Mi caramelito" - Timbalive feat. José Gómez


Social dancer. Trained educator. I believe Cuba’s music and its dances, especially Casino, are of great value to today’s world.

About us

I am a Casinero. I am attracted to all Cuban dances, but my preference is Casino. I began to dance when Timba emerged, with NG la Banda redefining Cuban music and Los Van Van in full evolution. I was fortunate to learn the Casino where we dance the best: in a boarding school. Yes, right there. Everyone who's been to a Cuban boarding school knows what I'm talking about. If you didn't know how to dance there, you were a nobody, so the pressure was real. Dancing casino in boarding school was a matter of survival because all social life was channeled through dance. There were Rueda competitions, rivalries, and solidarity too. When I finished the IPVCE in Santiago de Cuba, I studied at the Universidad de Ciencias Pedagógicas "Frank País" to become an English teacher. I never imagined that years later, instead of teaching that language, I would be teaching dance classes, but that is how unpredictable life is. Despite having taken more conventional professional paths, pursuing studies in Canada (University of British Columbia) and France (Sorbonne) in anthropology, sociology, linguistics and languages, I have continued to gravitate towards Casino and Cuban culture in general. I love Casino as a dance, but it also fascinates me as a social phenomenon. I invite you to read some of the articles that I have written about it. In my work as a cultural promoter, I've the pleasure of having presented several renowned Cuban bands in Vancouver, such as Charanga Habanera, Havana d 'Primera, Descemer Bueno, Buena Fe, Los Muñequitos de Matanzas, Azúcar Negra (with guests Tania Pantoja, El Indio, Pedrito Calvo, Waldo Mendoza & Gardi), Maykel Blanco, and others. Currently, apart from teaching, I coordinate cultural tourism trips to Cuba promoting meaningful exchange with the island. For more information, visit 7daysinCuba.com


our team in havana

If you want to learn how to dance Traditional Casino in Cuba, our colleagues in Havana are available to help you learn in. The method we use is based on direct learning with experienced dancers, in order to accelerate the assimilation of the class content. We harmonically combine the theoretical knowledge of dance with its empirical application.





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